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All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome, an old Latin proverb says (mīlle viae dūcunt hominēs per saecula Rōmam). We are all on a journey that always takes us to a certain place. Namely, to a realization of who we really are and not who we think we are. The playing cards are here used as reflections of thoughts and a guidance.

Figuratively speaking I would like to add: all “roads” (symbolically shown with the Aces – the ones) lead through the number 4. Here we stop and reflect on our lives and experiences and adjust our course of life. The number four surrounds the four corners of our world of thought and helps to provide structure and awareness. Who am I? What is my point of view? Take a closer look at the answers! This self-knowledge is an important step on the way to the numbers 7 and 10 which are on the horizon and are the next goals on our journey.

The four colors of the suites show different life areas. Spades – my power. Hearts – my feelings. Clubs – what I create. Diamonds – my talents.

If the concept of all roads lead to Rome means contacting one’s true self – well then, all Aces (the ones) and the fours will lead to that goal.

Cards: Hermès, Paris 1948

The “new” Afghanistan

Against everyone’s expectations, the Taliban seized or recaptured power in Afghanistan in record time. On August 15, after just over a week, the Taliban captured the capital, Kabul. The American troops and thus also the NATO-partners officially leave the country on 31 August. After 20 years of warfare and after trying to establish democracy in Afghanistan. Chaotic situations have arisen around Kabul airport, with embassy staff, aid workers and others associated with the West desperately trying to get out of the country. The only remaining and open embassies are the Russian and Chinese. Some hope that the Taliban have changed and become more subdued, as the first days of Taliban announcements could indicate. But is it realistic?

US President Joe Biden has faced widespread criticism that this situation could arise but said in a speech: “US troops must not fight and die in a war that the Afghan army itself does not want to fight”.

It is tempting to ask the cards this question: “How is the situation developing in Afghanistan after the Taliban takes power?”

These cards appeared:

“How is the situation developing in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power?”

The first, middle and last cards are the leading ones in the presentation. The centre card is the focus point and constitutes a central element in the spread. The bear is a powerful card, which is further emphasized by the inserted playing card – King of Clubs. The Taliban are sitting heavily on power, which they will do anything to retain. Whatever it takes. The card shows that they actively (clubs) will consolidate their power. With the scythe on the card in the middle, they will do anything to remove or kill the Afghans who do not share their values ​​and views of law and order (10 of diamonds). They will work thoroughly with this task (10 of diamonds). The bear and the scythe together can show brutality.
The public and social life are shown by the park and the mirror over the middle card connects it with the fox. The fox is a trickster and manipulates, deceives, and likes to lead opponents behind the light. One simply cannot trust the Taliban’s statements. The 9 of Clubs points in the direction that the Taliban will also manipulate on the foreign policy scene. The Ace of Hearts, which is the inserted card in the fox card, shows that a purposeful and extreme religious direction is their compass needle. What about the last card, the moon? Yes, one can say that the night has sunk over Afghanistan. The moon and not the sun is on the sky. However, the 5 of Hearts carries a hope. Not all Afghans share the Taliban’s worldview, and the strength of this opposition has not yet dawned on the Taliban.

Posted August 21, 2021

Shown Cards: Gypsy Witch, Fortune Telling, Playing Cards, © U.S. Games Systems, INC

Will Donald Trump be re-elected as president of the US?

Will Donald Trump be re-elected as president of the US?

At the time of writing, US President Donald Trump has come crashing down with social media Twitter after they started to fact-check some of his tweets. Twitter has long been Trump’s favourite news platform after turning his back on most media. He sometimes sends up to 100 tweets a day, which are read by his 80 million followers. Many of the president’s tweets have been controversial. With a trade war with China and a conflict with China due to the CORVID-19 pandemic, the starting point for a presidential election is dramatic. Trump is probably a president who can split people’s opinion about him, both in the United States and in other countries.

On November 3 this year, there is presidential election and it is tempting to ask the question: “Will Donald Trump be re-elected US President?” To answer the question, besides using ordinary playing cards, I have chosen to get a second opinion from the Italian cards La Vera Sibilla Italiana. Before starting the interpretation of the spreads, I would like to emphasize that I have tried to interpret the cards as objectively as possible. I have no personal interest in whether Trump wins or not and I have no favourite answer.

The attentive reader will probably have already noticed that the King of Hearts appears in both spreads, placed in the same position as the card number two read from the left. The King of Hearts represents President Trump in both spreads.
But let us start with the playing cards. The Ace of Spades starts the spread and it is the only one of the four aces that can indicate both an ending and a new beginning. Being the first card, the Ace of Spades strikes a dramatic tone. It is a fate of choice for the United States. The King of Hearts indicates a man who is more controlled by his emotions than his reason, but one should not underestimate him. Positioned after the Ace of Spades, he is recovering his powers after much resistance. He wants to win the election at all costs, and he works best in headwinds.
The card in the middle, which is the heart of the spread, is extremely interesting. The card symbolizes the right hand and to do the right thing and being just. The 5 of Hearts points to the oath passed by the US Presidents at their inauguration: “I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The ritual is carried out by the incoming President raising his right hand and with his left hand on the Bible, giving the above oath. As a rule, you end with the words: “So help me God”. It is precisely this ritual that the 5 of Hearts indicates. The subsequent 4 of Clubs almost seals this oath’s words: “… preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”
The 7 of Diamonds walls or closes the spread. It carries the greatest weight. The card may have multiple meanings, but the classic one is that one’s efforts are rewarded and recognized. Often in the context of financial investment. There is something chance based about the card, as the card can show that you take chances in risky areas and often get lucky from it.
Will Trump be re-elected as President of the United States? With a preponderance of red cards and with the Ace of Spades, the 5 of Hearts and the 7 of Diamonds in the dominant positions in the spread, the answer must be a yes – Trump will be re-elected. But and there is a “but” because if the luck in the 7 of Diamonds disappears for Trump, the card could indicate chaos both financially and socially in the wake of the election.

Let us look at the Italian cards.
As mentioned earlier, Trump is shown by King of Hearts (Gran Signore). The 3 of Spades (Il Vedovo) which initiates the spread, together with Gran Signore, tells of a president who gradually loses support, isolates himself more and more and who may conflict with his surroundings. At the heart of the spread we find the Ace of Clubs (Imeneo). This card shows an agreement between two parties, an official contract. A contract between the incoming president and the American people. The subsequent card, the 2 of Spades (La Vecchia Signora) can be a difficult card to interpret. She will often indicate that a slow change is happening, and that time is running out for natural reasons. She mirrors Trump and shows an older man who may be about to be influenced more and more by his age. By lying to the right of Imeneo, it could also be suggested that the presidential election may not be held as planned and must be postponed. The 8 of Spades (Disperato per gelosia) walls the spread and it casts a dark shadow over the entire spread. The card alerts difficult times and difficult problems. The presidential election can create an unpleasant atmosphere of gossip and deception. With the 8 of Spades as the last card suggests a societal situation that can develop into a crisis, both financially and socially. A development that can get out of control.
However, even with an overweight of the difficult spades and with a spread ending with one of the most difficult cards, I have to conclude, however, that Trump will be re-elected President of the United States. The Italian cards are, in my opinion, at wavelength with the playing cards.

Posted May 30, 2020

Shown cards: Ciel de France, Miro Company, Paris 1950
Sibilla Originale del 1890, Ed. il Meneghello, Milan 1999