Månedsarkiv: december 2022

The message of Christmas

Christmas is the “festival of hearts” they say, and according to the Christmas card spread, it is quite true. Here is an abundance of hearts. The two sets of cards each tell the same story in their own way.

Warmth of heart, forgiveness, and love are the biggest message of Christmas (the queen of hearts) and in an earlier time you would have added “mercy”. The forces of Christmas have access to our hearts (4 of hearts) and make us look deeply into ourselves and our inner life values (4 of diamonds). If we follow the message of Christmas, we will have peace in our minds (4 of clubs) and peace in our hearts. With three fours we can add peace on earth!

The message of Christmas

The bottom row of Lenormand cards sums up quite nicely what the cards will tell us about the message of Christmas: be like the sun and shine on everything and everyone and let the sun take root in your heart! Then the last card will echo the old Danish Christmas carol: ” Hjerte, løft din glædes vinger (Heart, lift the wings of your joy)”.

Cards: Hermès, Paris 1948. Blue Bird Lenormand. (c) U.S Games Systems, Inc.