Professionel astrolog, håndlæser, numerolog og kartomantiker siden 1987. Du kan finde mere information på min webside: eller skriv til mig:

Du er velkommen til at kontakte mig, hvis du ønsker et oplæg. Til konsultationsbrug benytter jeg primært kun spillekort. Du kan booke online på denne blog. Face to face konsultationer tilbydes kun på dansk.
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I’m Per Jan. A cartomancer from Denmark using ordinary playing cards to tell stories about people’s lives and the lives of nations.

Living in Copenhagen I help people find their own story using the cards.

The 52 playing cards are mirrors that reflect underlying spiritual forces, patterns of destiny and personality traits that we cannot see with the physical senses.

In a card spread, these forces manifest themselves and take on physical form via the spread and can thereby be analysed and interpreted.

The 52 playing cards are miraculously linked to the rhythms of the year. The four colours symbolize the four seasons, and the 52 cards symbolize the 52 weeks of the year. The sum of all the values of the cards gives 364.

A set of cards is like an unbound book. When the cards are shuffled, the pages change places, and a new story is told.

You are welcome to contact me if you want a consultation. For consultations I primarily use playing cards. You can book online on this blog. Face to face consultation is only offered in Danish.
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