The “new” Afghanistan

Against everyone’s expectations, the Taliban seized or recaptured power in Afghanistan in record time. On August 15, after just over a week, the Taliban captured the capital, Kabul. The American troops and thus also the NATO-partners officially leave the country on 31 August. After 20 years of warfare and after trying to establish democracy in Afghanistan. Chaotic situations have arisen around Kabul airport, with embassy staff, aid workers and others associated with the West desperately trying to get out of the country. The only remaining and open embassies are the Russian and Chinese. Some hope that the Taliban have changed and become more subdued, as the first days of Taliban announcements could indicate. But is it realistic?

US President Joe Biden has faced widespread criticism that this situation could arise but said in a speech: “US troops must not fight and die in a war that the Afghan army itself does not want to fight”.

It is tempting to ask the cards this question: “How is the situation developing in Afghanistan after the Taliban takes power?”

These cards appeared:

“How is the situation developing in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power?”

The first, middle and last cards are the leading ones in the presentation. The centre card is the focus point and constitutes a central element in the spread. The bear is a powerful card, which is further emphasized by the inserted playing card – King of Clubs. The Taliban are sitting heavily on power, which they will do anything to retain. Whatever it takes. The card shows that they actively (clubs) will consolidate their power. With the scythe on the card in the middle, they will do anything to remove or kill the Afghans who do not share their values ​​and views of law and order (10 of diamonds). They will work thoroughly with this task (10 of diamonds). The bear and the scythe together can show brutality.
The public and social life are shown by the park and the mirror over the middle card connects it with the fox. The fox is a trickster and manipulates, deceives, and likes to lead opponents behind the light. One simply cannot trust the Taliban’s statements. The 9 of Clubs points in the direction that the Taliban will also manipulate on the foreign policy scene. The Ace of Hearts, which is the inserted card in the fox card, shows that a purposeful and extreme religious direction is their compass needle. What about the last card, the moon? Yes, one can say that the night has sunk over Afghanistan. The moon and not the sun is on the sky. However, the 5 of Hearts carries a hope. Not all Afghans share the Taliban’s worldview, and the strength of this opposition has not yet dawned on the Taliban.

Posted August 21, 2021

Shown Cards: Gypsy Witch, Fortune Telling, Playing Cards, © U.S. Games Systems, INC