All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome, an old Latin proverb says (mīlle viae dūcunt hominēs per saecula Rōmam). We are all on a journey that always takes us to a certain place. Namely, to a realization of who we really are and not who we think we are. The playing cards are here used as reflections of thoughts and a guidance.

Figuratively speaking I would like to add: all “roads” (symbolically shown with the Aces – the ones) lead through the number 4. Here we stop and reflect on our lives and experiences and adjust our course of life. The number four surrounds the four corners of our world of thought and helps to provide structure and awareness. Who am I? What is my point of view? Take a closer look at the answers! This self-knowledge is an important step on the way to the numbers 7 and 10 which are on the horizon and are the next goals on our journey.

The four colors of the suites show different life areas. Spades – my power. Hearts – my feelings. Clubs – what I create. Diamonds – my talents.

If the concept of all roads lead to Rome means contacting one’s true self – well then, all Aces (the ones) and the fours will lead to that goal.

Cards: Hermès, Paris 1948