The point of no return

Today (28-02) Ukraine and Russia have gone to the negotiating table. But is Russia really interested in negotiating?

The cards drawn show how the situation will develop for Russia in the next weeks. The cards are uncompromising. With such strong spades, the situation for Russia is a power struggle. The king of spades (Putin) is the warlord who does not sit at the negotiating table. He has a plan (ace of spades) that he will implement at all costs – whatever it takes. Russia is willing to go all the way (9 of spades, king of spades and ace of spades). With the ace of spades and the 9 of spades, the nuclear weapons cards have appeared. As things stand now, Russia will allow Belarus to recover its nuclear weapons. But will Russia use nuclear weapons or is it a scare offensive? With the strong and dictatorial king of spades at the end of the spread, the answer must be that he will, if it should become necessary.

The two nines are aggressive and conquering. The spread clearly shows that Putin has unmasked himself. He has thrown away the mask. For Putin, there is no going back. He has bet everything on one board. With the cards, one must say that the world is in a moment of destiny.

What about Putin’s role / fate in the slightly longer term? Putin’s days are numbered. The King of clubs (Putin) becomes more and more isolated (4 of clubs) when his misinformation (7 of diamonds) and the economic sanctions (7 of diamonds) begin to affect the Russians. He will be pressured by economically strong forces (oligarchs). The 10 of diamonds shows the hour of truth and it will bring factual things to the table that Putin cannot run from. The current situation will lead to a weakened Putin and his downfall.

Posted 28-02-2022

Shown Cards: Altenburger Spielkarten (ASS) Königin – 1970